5 Supplies Every DIY Crafter Must Own

Are you the creative tinkerer? Do you take pleasure in building things with your own hands? Then you should definitely start off by having your own supplies.

The following 5 items are a must-have for every DIY-er!


1.A Digital Multi-meter


A DMM comes in handy quite often when you’re working with electronics. Need to measure a battery’s voltage? Bam, DMM is at your service!

2. Extra batteries


Instead of searching for batteries every now and then, keep spare ones in your DIY craft box at all times.


One can never have enough batteries. Always keep spare with you in case of emergencies!


3. A hot glue gun

Hot glue gun burns are extremely painful so you need to be extremely careful while using it.


To, you guessed it, glue stuff together. While we’re on the topic, you also need glue to fill it with. Hot glue gun comes in handy as it glues together most of the materials and also because it dries instantly!


4. A nifty pair of scissors


Make sure you don’t steal your mother’s scissors from the kitchen drawer – otherwise you’re in for some big trouble.


Keep a pair nearby that is really good at cutting paper, ribbon and other similar materials. You never know when you’ll need to cut something!


5. Aluminum foil


You can even make your own Mustache from Aluminium Foil- DIY Mustache!


Aluminum foil has proved quite useful when you’re working with electronics. Keep a roll in your supplies. If need be, you can hijack one from the kitchen to fulfill your creative ventures!


And there you have it! Start off with this list and gradually expand it to have a wide variety of tools and supplies for your DIY needs!

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Posted on April 10, 2017 in DIY

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