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LearnOBots Summer Science & Technology Camp’17 kicks off in full swing!

A huge number of young parents residing in the twin cities who have children between the ages of 8-14 years old have finally taken a sigh of relief- you might be thinking as to why. It is because the LearnOBots Summer Science & Technology Camp’17 has finally begun! Started back in the year 2013 with the aim…

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The art of Wearable Technology

Wearable electronics is the hottest topic considered nowadays! Every new technology is focusing on implanting the small, flexible, durable and low-cost flexible electronics. This technology is used in wearable health sensors, consumer electronics, sports clothing, and accessories. However, the most common applications of wearable electronics include fitness trackers, smart watches, smart clothing, and heart rate…

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Fostering Creativity in kids through Tinkering and Making!

Creativity_ A small word with a deep meaning. We hear people say that a specific person is creative or innovative but creativity is not a quality that is limited to some people. It’s the core part of human nature and everyone is able to think out of the box. “Creativity is seeing what everyone else…

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“What I can learn here, I can teach others” By Aleea Abbas

That’s what I was writing on my first day at LearnOBots. Just like so many people before me have done and are doing now. I’m learning from people like that now. They say knowledge is power. I never completely understood that but now I realize that knowledge gives us the power to change our lives…

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