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We have designed LearnOBots Maker Camps with an aim to make our young minds as makers and innovators of tomorrow rather than following a general trend of producing consumers and followers. Unlike any other classroom experience these camps enhance our young innovators’ learning abilities by allowing them to go beyond the boundaries of a classroom to explore and work in other domains. LearnOBots Maker Camps gives a platform to our children to generate new ideas, new companies and new industries.

LearnOBots believes that we are makers and doers at heart. It develops fun educational camps for kids to teach them about the fascinating world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Our activities aim to bring the best out of the kids by following an active discovery based learning approach.

The LearnOBots Maker Camps follow STEM curriculum that has been designed to take kids from an introductory stage to a point where he/she is able to think independently, using skills to solve a particular problem. The idea is to reinforce existing STEM concepts that are taught at different grades at Schools by providing with activities that are more hands on and use enhanced discovery based learning.

The curriculum has been divided into 4 main stages with different levels in each stage.  Each stage introduces the kids to a concept which is reinforced as he/she moves along the stages. Moreover every learning outcome is linked to a concept that is usually taught at Schools


Currently LearnOBots conducts three types of LearnOBots Maker Camps which are as follows:

  1. Summer Maker Camps
  2. Winter Maker Camps
  3. Weekend Maker Camps


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