Makers Day


Makers Day is an event organized for the young and the young at heart where they get a chance to go all innovative and creative and display their projects. It is ‘their’ day to impress the world with their ideas.

The inspiration for Makers Day came from Maker Faire, an event created by Make Magazine to celebrate multiple domains like “arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset”. Maker Faire was first organized in 2006 and turned out to be a huge success. Since then, Maker Faire has been organized in different countries; UK, USA, Spain, Germany, Norway, France and Japan. Maker Faire has now become one of the biggest and known platforms of all the makers in the world where they get a chance to come together and exhibit their creativity. The projects range from an 8 ton, 60 ft long, 20 ft tall, fire-breathing & LED lit metallic dragon to a battery that was made by just using a lemon.

We have organized this event twice. And it turned out to be a huge success as the kids made some very interesting projects. Here is a glimpse of the projects that are super talented kids made in the previous makers day.

3D Modeling and printing
3D printing

3D doodled glasses

3D glasses

Game Development


Solar House


Junk Art


Origami Balls


Maze Navigation

Maze Navigation

Water Rockets


Arc Reactor


Stay tuned as the next Makers Day is about to get held soon where kids will proudly show their creative side. This will motivate them and give a boost to their confidence to think, explore and make, even more. 🙂

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