LearnOBots Mobile Robot

“The programmable DIY mobile robotic kit with endless fun”

LearnObot Mobile robot is a small easy to assemble 3d printed kit.It comes with all 3d printed parts, Arduino board and accessories like servos and sonar sensor. It is designed for high school kids as well as adults to learn about robotics and programming in a fun way!With LearnOBots, the possibilities are limitless.

Mobile Robot


   3D Printed

All parts are 3d printed. Just follow the instruction manual and use the provided screw driver set to assemble the kit and have fun programming.


Easy to Assemble

It’s so easy, even a 6 year Old can assemble it, yet its fine tuning can be challenging.



The kit has been designed for kids as well as experienced programmers. If you don’t know how to program, simply download ArduBlock from our website and start programming in a drag and drop environment. No need to know how to program, just follow our easy to understand tutorials. If you want to use C or C++, directly program the Arduino!



Since the kit is based on an Arduino microcontroller, new sensors can easily be added to the robot. It currently comes with a sonar sensor for making an obstacle avoidance robot, but more sensors like Line following, fire detection and others can also be made easily.



 Our kit comes in a carrying case. You can take your kit to a friend’s place; program, learn and play with him. Once you are done working on the kit you can store it safely in the carrying case.

Great for Learning

The kit is great for teaching kids the basics of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Particularly the kids learn the basics of robotics as well as programming them hence sharpening the cognitive as well as psychomotor skills.


Before purchasing the Kit, please understand what is included in it.


1 Box
7 Plastic Parts-3D printed
2 Servo Motors & lobes
1 Controller Board & its Cable
1 Sonar Sensor
20 Screws & a nut
2 Screw Drivers
Charger, Battery and connectors


Mobile Robot Kit weight: 1 lb, 0.4 kg

Mobile Robot Kit With packing case weight: 4.6 lb, 2.1 kg


Robot: 7 x 6.5 inches

Packing case: 14.5 x 7 inches

Mobile Robot Kits Parts


How to Buy the Kit

3 Easy Steps

1.Contact us via Email or Phone.
2.Transfer the amount to our Bank Account.
3.Get your LearnObots Mobile Kit Delivered at your Doorstep.

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