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5 Reasons why DIY must be encouraged

DIY is becoming popular day by day. More and more people are creating their own projects from scratch and enjoying it! It’s a skill that every person must possess and more people must be encouraged to participate in it. Here are 5 reasons why you should jump on the DIY band wagon right now:  …

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Print your Creations at LearnOBots

Imagine having a printer hooked up to your computer that could make anything. Tired of your old boring key chain? No problem. Print a new one. Want a model of your favorite animated character? Print it. Need a new a pair of shoe or maybe just a new toy car? Just decide it’s size and…

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Fostering Creativity in kids through Tinkering and Making!

Creativity_ A small word with a deep meaning. We hear people say that a specific person is creative or innovative but creativity is not a quality that is limited to some people. It’s the core part of human nature and everyone is able to think out of the box. “Creativity is seeing what everyone else…

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Mini-Makers Day at LearnOBots

LearnOBots hosted another successful Maker’s day, on Saturday, 24th September. This event gave a platform to the students, who just completed their Khoj module-2 to exhibit their innovative projects. This practice is mandatory for every student to create a project and to proceed to the next level upon completion. The students accomplished this task successfully…

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How Children are Improving their Programming Skills using Drones(!) at LearnOBots

One of the major challenges with teaching programming to a young audience is to make them perform an arduous learning exercise while keeping them interested in the activity itself. One of the best ways to do this is to provide the children with some form of physical and/or visual feedback which shows them in a…

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