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The LearnOBots curriculum is based on the STEM program. Details of the activities that will be conducted are given below:

  • Robotics

These workshops will allow students to get hands-on learning in the field of Robotics. They will make intelligent robots through visual programming tool and instruct their robots to perform different tasks. These workshops will sharpen problem-solving and analytical skills of kids which are valuable for a lifetime. We will have a practical demonstration of different kinds of robots.

– Mobile Robots

– Flying Robots

– Humanoid Robots

Children will also be introduced to new Sensors and will be taught how to work with them and make a robot, followed by Robotics Competition where problem solving activity will be conducted.

robotics 1
robotics 2

Robotics (for stage 2)

Mobile Robots

The students will assemble and program 3D printed robots to perform different activities such as follow a path in a maze, make them dance, avoid obstacles etc. This workshop is based on a robotics kit that is made by LearnOBots. The students will learn to make different types of robots using different programming techniques and putting different sensors on this kit. These kits come with a manual and a workbook with different exercises so students can even purchase them and can make cool projects at their home. Find more details about the kits here.



Solar Houses 

Kids will be using our kits to build their own solar homes and equip them with solar energy based appliances.
These workshops educate kids regarding the basics of Solar and Wind Energy to power solar appliances in homes and how to harvest the solar energy.

solar houses (1)
solar houses (2)

Brush Bots 

Children will be making a robot using everyday home items which will help them learn the basics of electrical circuits. Brush Bots

Game Development

We will teach game development for absolute beginners using visual programming tools. These tools will help children learn the basics of game development to the point that they will be able to code game themselves. Advanced concepts in Game Development will be taught. Activities will be conducted where students will make a complex playable game and will be taught how to continue the project at home.

game development
game development 1
Game development (2)
  • 3D Printing and Modelling

Kids model their favorite action figures, key chains, rings or simply their name in 3D and print their 3D models via LearnOBots 3D printer that they can learn to operate. They will get to know the basics of 3D printing and additive manufacturing which will not only enhance their creative skills but also help them prototype their ideas instantly.
Our easy-to-use 3D modelling software helps kids design 3D objects without any difficulty. It enables kids to create an object of their choice like keychains, rings, toys, glasses and then 3D print these models with our 3D printer. 3D modelling can help them visualize objects in three different dimensions thus improving their imagination and construction skills. Civil engineers in making!


Water Rockets

Kids will be taught the basic principles of how Rockets work and making our own backyard rocket. It will further help children enhance their understanding about gravity, friction and aerodynamic design.

 water rockets


Engineering will help students innovate new designs through which they can make ideas come to life using energy sources.


Astronomy will help students learn about the stars. They will be guided how to navigate using stars and find planets.

Exploring Chemistry

Learning how and what chemical reactions take place and what can be done to neutralize the reaction.
exploring chemistry 2

Exploring Bridges

Here students will be learning the science behind bridges which will include understanding the physics behind the construction of a bridge and how weight can be balanced.
exploring brigdes

Tinkering and Making

This will help children strengthen their concepts of recycling and induce in them the art of making and tinkering. They will make new things from used materials.

Tinkering and Making


December – January

Transport Facility

We are not providing any pick and drop facility at the moment but if there is more than one kid coming from the same area then we connect their parents to a metro cab or any other means of transport.

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