DIY Kits

Our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) educational kits are probably the most enjoyable way of learning about new technologies. An important aspect of DIY kits is that they provide all the necessary items required to make e.g. a mobile robot along with instructions, software  and parts needed for the creation.Thus, eliminating the hassle of buying and collecting stuff for a particular DIY project at home. Using our educational kits, Children not only experience the art of creating exciting stuff with their own hands but also learn about new technologies along the way.

Currently, we are offering two DIY educational kits.

1. Mobile Robots

LearnOBot Mobile robot is a small easy to assemble 3d printed kit. It comes with all 3d printed parts, Arduino board and accessories like servos and sonar sensor. It is designed for high school kids as well as adults to learn about robotics and programming in a fun way! Additionally, we also offer non-3D printed Mobile Robots as well.

You can learn all about the Mobile Robots here. 

2. Brush bot

LearnObots Brush bot kit is a fun and interactive way for kids to learn about electronics. In principle,  a simple series circuit is formed by connecting a motor and a cell together. When this circuit is attached to a brush head , it creates a moving robot that moves haphazardly.

You can learn all about the Brush Bots here. 





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