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Designed in-house by STEAM experts, our educational kits spark creativity and can be integrated with our STEAM learning platform.

Arduino Starter Kit

The Arduino Starter Kit is a DIY kit aimed at tinkerers who want to dive into the world of technology. This kit will enable you to create cool projects such as Security system, Alarm system and many more based on your liking!

Buddy Bot

A Small Interactive Robot. The idea is to have a robot that kids can relate to as their companion. They can not only learn to program using it, but are also able to create different applications with it.


The IoT Starter Kit is a DIY kit aimed at tinkerers who want to dive into the world of IoT. This kit will enable you to make your room smart by controlling devices over the Internet.

Codi Bot Kit

CODI is an educational robot to dive into the exciting world of STEAM. With CODI, you can learn to code, learn about sensors, electronics and solve problems by making different kinds of robots. It is the perfect tool to be ready for the future.

Brush Bot

BRUSH BOT is a mini DIY (Do It Yourself) robot, which dances around on your command. Learn the science of vibration and electronics and take the first step in the world of Technology.

Electronics kit

The SOLAR HOUSE is a DIY (Do It Yourself) kit designed to impart essential knowledge of Solar Energy. You will learn how to make circuits that light up, make sound, move and much more by using the energy of the SUN.

Me Arm

The Me Arm Kit will help you to create your own personal robotic arm that you can control from your very own computer! Constructing the arm is a challenge that will keep you engaged for hours! Once you have assembled it completely, you will learn how to control the four included servo motors to help it to move in all directions and help pick and place objects!

Melody Matic

The Melody Matic DIY kit will help you to create a piano yourself with the help of both electronics and programming! The piano can be customized according to your liking with your choice of the number of buttons as well as the volume. Also included in the set is a sonar sensor that will help you create a piano that with just your hand hovering over it!

Smart Watch

The Smart Watch includes all the items that you would need to make to make your very own OLED screen powered smart watch! The kit includes an Arduino that you can program to tell you the time and any other information that you desire along with a watch strap that will help keep everything together!

Security Kit

The Security Kit is all that you will need to help protect your home by ringing an alarm in case of fires, intruders or any other unwelcome activity. Learn how circuits work by creating your own circuit for protecting your home while also learning to program an Arduino to help create the ultimate security system as per your individual requirements!

Wearable Kit

The Wearable Kit is a DIY kit aimed at tinkerers who want to dive into the fashionable world of Wearable Electronics without much prior knowledge of the area. This kit will enable you to add items such as cool LEDs to your wearables such as bags, caps and clothes which you can program to work according to your liking!

Health Kit

The Health Kit includes several components such as a temperature sensor and a pulse sensor using which any individual’s health, including heartbeat and body temperature can be monitored continuously. The included LCD can also be used to display these values in real time. Also, you can customize this DIY kit according to your liking to ensure the best monitoring of your health!

Plant Health Kit

The Plant Health Kit is all that you will need to keep your plant healthy by ensuring that it keeps receiving the right amount of water to prevent wilting while also measuring the humidity and temperature to make sure an alarm sounds if the plant’s health is at risk. The provided LCD display provides accurate real-time information about the health of the plant as well.

IOT & Home Automation Kit

The IoT & Home Automation Kit aims to help you dive into the amazing world of data by helping you create a Wi-Fi enabled model house using which you can control any appliance of your liking with the help of the included relay module. This will help you monitor the temperature of the model house from anywhere in the world over the internet and control devices such as a fan and lights as well.

Soldering Kit

A kit designed to introduce Soldering to Tinkerers. Soldering is a joining process used to join different types of metals together by melting solder. Solder is a metal alloy usually made of tin and lead which is melted using a hot iron. This kit will enable you to perform soldering and perform exciting activities

3D Printer

A 3D Printer for learning about additive manufacturing. It is also used to get the basic knowledge of 3 axis machines. Its working principle is based of Fused Deposition Modelling.