LearnOBots Brush bot

Working with electronics can be tough, but here at LearnOBots we believe that nothing is impossible for our young makers. LearnOBots’ Brush Bot is an easy to assemble kit which does not require any hot and messy soldering to make. It makes working with electronics for our young innovative minds very easy and fun.
Vital Components of a Brush Bot? A toothbrush, a motor, cells and wires
Result? Some serious fun
LearnOBot’s Brush Bot is a vibrating bot controlled with assistance of a vibrating engine (motor) which transforms the brush bristle into a great many little legs helping the bot scoot like an insane bug.
Brush Bots

Brush Bot Kit


Each kit includes all of the basic standard materials that are required to build a brush bot. Just follow the instructions and bring your brush bot to life.

Easy to Assemble

Our kit being very easy to assemble makes it more practical for the kids to get started with their bot.


You are not limited to use the material that we provide; however we recommend you to use your own creativity and ideas to modify your bot according to your own creative ideas.


Our kit comes in an easily manageable packaging which can be stored easily and taken anywhere anytime you want.


LearnOBots Brush Bot kit comprises of the following:


1 Toothbrush Head

Coin Cells

1 Motor


Glue pads

How to Buy the Kit

3 Easy Steps

Contact us via Email or Phone.
Transfer the amount to our Bank Account.
Get your LearnObots Mobile Kit Delivered at your Doorstep.

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