Learn to Harness the Power of the Sun. Dive into the world of Electronics & Energy. The SOLAR HOUSE kit is designed to provide important concepts of Solar Energy in a fun and innovative way.


The SOLAR HOUSE is a DIY (Do It Yourself) kit designed to impart essential knowledge of Solar Energy. You will learn how to make circuits that light up, make sound, move and much more by using the energy of the SUN.

A puzzling Scenario!
Build your Soldering Skills with the SOLDERING KIT as each activity is successively challenging thus pushing your limits.
Charge it Up!
Provide energy to the entire house by attaching the solar cells to the top of the house.
Exciting Activities
The SOLAR HOUSE kit comes bundled with twelve fun filled activities for you to enjoy. This is just for starters, the possibilities are endless for you to explore.
Safety First
Each activity has a user manual with simple instructions that help you along your journey.

Activities for SOLAR HOUSE
Connecting an LED
Start Simple; learn the basic connections of the Solar House by coupling solar panels with an LED.
Connecting a Fan
Moving forward, connect the solar panels with a fan to cool your house down in the hot summer days.
Connecting an LED and Fan together
Getting better, connect an LED and a fan simultaneously.
Assembling the Solar House
Here is the fun part, we give you the tools and don’t tell you how to build it, use your ingenuity and build yourself a Home.
Installing Circuits on the Solar House
You built the home but it needs more work, install lights and fans to make it livable.
Making a Series Circuit
Get to know the details of electronic circuits and various methods of making connections.
Making a Parallel Circuit
Another method of making circuits each with its own significance.
Temperature Controlled Fan
Perhaps you are too tired to turn on the fan, make it automatic, the fan will turn on when the room temperature reaches a certain limit.
Solar-Powered Door Bell
Electricity Bill too high? Shed it some by making a solar powered door bell.
Making Energy Saving Lights
Why stop at making the bell solar powered, take it a step further and make energy saving lights.
Temperature Controlled LED
Lights will turn on and off depending on the temperature in the room.
Solar-Powered Alarm Clock
Wake up always on time by making this handy alarm clock that runs on solar energy.


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