Future of STEM

Future Jobs by STEM

We have all heard of the word STEM. Every day it seems like someone is trying to tell us the importance of going into STEM. Here we will talk about what the future of stem is.

Future of STEM

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What exactly is STEM

STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. 

It is an interdisciplinary curriculum that teaches students all four of these in an application-oriented way so that they can solve real-world problems effectively. It also tries to integrate all four of these together so that they become tools for the students to improve their problem-solving abilities also known as “blended” education. This is achieved by providing the students with hands-on experience with technology and designing their curriculum to teach them the importance of learning and how to integrate technology with problem-solving skills.

Careers in STEM-related fields

Careers in STEM-related fields are high paying owing to the high qualifications required to be involved in it, making it well worth getting into. Application areas of STEM fields include Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Data Analyses, and many more. Even fields such as architecture and Social Sciences that aren’t typically thought of as having a relation to STEM, now also require tech-savvy people that have the ability to use technology relevant to the field or even make new ones when the need arises. 

Even if they do not end up in a tech-related field, STEM  provides students with up-to-date knowledge,  fosters engagement within them, and gives them the motivation and ability to find the best solution to a particular problem. It provides students with valuable skills that help them improve and further their careers.

Technologies that involve STEM

New technologies are being worked upon daily. Such as  Nano-technology which is a relatively recent field that is booming. It is a field that is a point of intersection for many areas of study and involves the manipulation of molecules and atoms. Renewable alternatives to energy production are another field on the rise. Seeing the consistently increasing problems due to climate change, it is very clear that new methods of energy production are needed. 

These fields already have a great number of jobs available and will only continue to rise as time goes on. 

Future prospects of STEM

Now we will discuss the future projections of fields and jobs related to STEM. If you were hesitant about getting a career in STEM as relating to future projections then you need to worry no further. As the world progresses, the need for technology grows. Every field is now getting interlinked with technology. In psychology, for example, there is a need to quantify, store and analyze data to ad  This produces a need for people with education in STEM fields.

Research into the future prospects only serves to confirm this. Looking at statistics from the US, it is clear that STEM is not growing anywhere soon. There is stated to be an 8.0 percent increase in STEM fields as opposed to a 3.0 percent increase in other fields.

Future prospects of STEM in Pakistan

There is no country better to be in than Pakistan if one wants a career in STEM jobs. A country that is rapidly going towards industrialization. This opens up new job opportunities as relevant skilled labor would be required for them. Pakistan is originally an agrarian country however the current economic situation as relates to Pakistan’s own declining economy and the global socio-political situation demands that technological 

In Pakistan, the semiconductor industry is on the rise. This will provide a large number of jobs relating to construction, quality analysis, and other positions requiring manufacturing and chemical engineers. 

Another recent addition to the industry in Pakistan is Mobile Phones. Samsung recently started mobile production in Pakistan. This is another area where students in STEM-related fields can shine. From electronics assembly to programming new jobs will be available.

Even if you don’t go into a stem-like field after gaining education in it, you will always benefit from gaining an education in it. Reportedly students who gain education in stem-like fields have a far more successful career in other fields as opposed to students who gained an education in Non-STEM fields.

How do we go about promoting STEM?

While knowledge about STEM is great and all, we also need to promote STEM in Pakistan. Many tools have been created over the years which promote and teach skills related to STEM to students. One example of such a tool is known as LearnOBots.

LearnOBots tries to provide its students with hands-on experience in order to prepare them for an ever-changing workspace. Not only do they focus on promoting theory relating to robotics but also give a practical experience of using hardware and software. Students work on all types of projects; simple ones such as a line following robots to more practical obstacles avoiding robots.

STEM is a collection of fields that is here to stay. As we become more technology-dependent, more and more skilled labor will be required to improve the invented technology that makes our lives easier.

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