Make Learning Easy for Students – Gamify the Learning Process

Make Learning Fun and Easy

One of the biggest challenges the Education system must face is how to make learning easy for students. With complex Mathematical formulas to oddly shaped organisms in biology, every student at one point begins to struggle with studies. One obvious circumstance of this situation is the loss of interest in the subjects and studies. That is exactly why today, we will be discussing how to gamify the learning process so that students remain interested and breeze through their studies!


Kid gaming and learning

Kid gaming with VR and learning in the process

What does it mean to “gamify”?

Before we begin, it is important to realise what we are referring to when we say “gamify” learning.

Gamifying or gamification is the process of adding game-like mechanics to nongame environments. These environments can be studying, physical activity like exercising, chores, or any particular tedious task. The ultimate goal is to engage and encourage individuals to participate and not feel miserable throughout the task.

Gamification is achieved by providing clear-cut instructions with a feedback or reward system upon completion. In games, these are basically “missions” which are followed by gaining experience points, in-game currency, points, etc. This kind of system taps into the emotions of the participant and makes them feel accomplished every time they complete a task/mission. With an added bonus of a reward, the individual is more likely to remain engaged in hopes of another reward.

However, that is quite abstract and practical examples would be more idea. So, let’s dive in and make learning easy for students!

How to gamify learning?

Learning can be gamified by focusing on hands-on projects and creating something with what you have learned. Furthermore, tasks can be laid out on a road map with rewards at each milestone achieved like “X number of chapters studied”.

This allows individuals to better understand what they are learning than if they are just studying the boring theory. Moreover, the anticipation of a reward keeps them hooked.

One of the best ways to gamify learning is to add study elements in normal playful activities. Take scavenger hunts, as an example, in which players get clues which they must decode to reach the next location. If these “clues” are made according to study courses like a maths or chemistry problem, students would be engaging their brain and practising their course material whilst enjoying the activity of a normal scavenger hunt. Alternate suggestions for scavenger hunts could be board games, bingo, scrabble.

Another way is to rely on education-related video games. These are often competitive games where you can race against your peers to answer the most questions in a certain time. Other than that they can either be puzzle games as well. Great platforms for such types of tools are Kahoot, Quizziz, and Gimkit. These platforms allow teachers to tailor the questions to their own students, providing endless opportunities.

These platforms and methods are great and all but what if you just want to skip the whole planning process? What if we told you that there was already a system carefully planned to make learning easy for students, kids aged 8 – 14? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got the thing for you!

Use LearnOSTEAM to make learning easy for students

LearnOBots is an organisation that aims to make learning easier and more interesting for children. They follow the STEM/STEAM methodology due to the ever-changing jobs, equipping students with the needed skills to tackle any problem.

Furthermore, they provide STEAM/STEM camps as well as many DIY kits to help students with project-based learning. However, their most innovative method to teach kids, and make learning easy for students is their digital platform, LearnOSTEAM.

Introducing LearnOSTEAM to make learning easy for students!

LearnOSTEAM is essentially a teacher-independent digital platform to guide children through the STEM/STEAM curriculum. Each of the activities engages kids to the utmost and provides them with essential 21st century skills.

It has a very hands-on approach to learning which is why hardware simulators are a huge part of their activities. This saves the cost of expensive robotic kits whilst providing the same learning experience.

It offers up to 15+ STEM modules which include coding, robotics, electronics, 3D modelling, AI and machine learning, web development, and much more. Their lessons include animated video content and questions to challenge all covered content. They follow a level system for progressively demanding modules. This gives students a sense of progression and accomplishment as they move from one level to the next.

It does not end there! It also provides you with a way to manage the progression of your students by monitoring them through a dashboard. This makes it a true teacher-independent experience, making it super easy for parents to use.

Well, there you have it! With this tool at hand, anyone can make learning easy for students. Happy learning!


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