How can STEM Education Shape The Future?

Make the Future Brighter with STEM

With disruptive technologies like Cryptocurrencies and NFTs on the Blockchain, new AI models, and big tech companies like Tesla and Facebook constantly working on innovation, the world is on a rapid path of change. However, the education system is not doing much to keep up. In fact, some may argue that education has been lagging behind for many years. But what can we do about this? Is there any education system that does actually tackle the challenges of the future? Well STEM Education might be able to shape the future

STEM education prepares students with a combination of various subjects used in real life. These, as in the STEM name, are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Students get to work through and acquire knowledge of many domains. This sets them up to be great problem solvers and have higher cognitive ability. 

How exactly does STEM achieve all of this and can it actually help? Let’s discover this in the following article. 

Kid in red studying using modern methodologies

How can STEM subjects help? 

As discussed earlier, STEM helps students develop problem-solving skills. That is made apparent when we deep dive into the philosophy of STEM. 

STEM has subjects from the most important domains which help shape the fundamentals of the universe. 

Science gives students the building blocks of the universe. Using its knowledge they apply the fundamental principles to create innovations that help us. The field of robotics heavily relies on newton laws. Whereas Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering heavily rely on chemistry and material properties. All of these are made possible through Scientific subjects which is why Science in STEM is important. 

Technology in STEM teaches students to work with the latest technological advancements and tools.  When working with real-life problems like statistics or calculating solutions, it is important to know modern tools. These tools can be similar to MATLAB, Python, or any other computing technology. Essentially, tools that help in modelling mathematical problems and calculating their solutions.

Engineering in STEM is well, quite obvious. Engineers are meant to be problem solvers; the entire field teaches problem-solving. It helps the children think of more innovative ideas and bring them to life. 

Mathematics in STEM is important due to the sheer number of problems that require Maths. Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Computer Science, all require Maths. These modern fields leverage the rules of mathematics to create models which help solve complex problems. 

All of these points clearly showcase why STEM Education for future is quite important

STEM methodology 

You may be wondering, even though STEM subjects are great, how does it differ from traditional teaching? Well, we have the answer for you.

STEM believes in a practical approach to learning. Say goodbye to hours of boring theory and apply what you actually learn. When students are able to envision everything that they’re working towards, they feel more motivated. The same is the case with studies. When students perform practicals or make their own projects, they understand what all their efforts are accounting towards. 

Not only that, but students get to work with others and polish their teamwork skills. They are often put in situations in STEM camps that promote working with other students. This is a great depiction of the real-life corporate world and sets them up for success.  

This all sounds great but now you might be wondering how can one get started with STEM education, especially in Pakistan? Well, LearnOBots might be able to help out and promote STEM Education for future! 

Let LearnOBots help

LearnOBots aims to prepare kids for the ever-changing work industry by providing children with STEAM education. They have been working hard to promote STEM Education for future jobs. Their STEAM camp includes many modules which teach the basics of robotics up to practical skills. Students work on many projects like line-following robots, obstacle-avoiding robots, and much more. With their carefully planned activities and curriculum, you won’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty details; they’ll handle it all!

Many students have already taken the camp and have produced unique projects. Some of the successful projects included an IoT project featured on MIT’s app inventor website, a water sensor project featured on Hackaday’s website and a minion tea maker robot.

You can learn more about these projects, the steam camp, and many parents’ testimonials here: STEAM Camp – LearnOBots.

Robotics kits for kids

Another challenge that you may face is getting the components needed for the robotics projects. Well, don’t you worry because LearnOBots has you covered once again!

There are many different approaches to hardware for robotics. You can work with Arduino, an easy-to-use microcontroller to program your hardware, IoT kits, which help you automate your daily tasks like turning on a light bulb, or CodiBot, an educational robot.

LearnOBots provides not only these basic kits but for more specific projects as well. Want to feel like a medic? Health kit. Want to work with renewable power? Solar house kit. Want to feel like a spy? Security and wearable kit. With many project options, your kids will never be bored. 

You can learn more about the robotics kits here: DIY STEAM Kits | LearnOBots.

Programming for Kids

LearnOBots does not focus on just robotics, it has 15+ modules, one of them being programming. 

Their STEAM camps also have modules dedicated solely to teaching kids programming. They begin their journey by introducing children to the concept of logic with simple programming blocks. Without the inclusion of the alien syntax, kids are able to build a solid foundation. They will learn the basics of loops, conditionals, variables, and functions, essentially all the fundamentals of programming. 

Then they are introduced to two languages, JavaScript and C++. This is where everything they’ve learned with blocks will take a more technical approach. They’ll get the chance to work on various fun projects such as a calculator, quiz application, and more. Then they will further flesh out their concepts by learning object-oriented programming. These are concepts that even university students struggle with. However, with LearnOBot’s experienced and well-trained instructors, kids will breeze through and gain valuable skills. 

Additionally, there are other modules, like working with a modern website builder, WordPress. They also get to work with a modern language, Python, if they opt for the artificial intelligence module. 

With the skills of robotics and programming, your kids will be able to go far in their careers. This will ultimately set them up for a brighter future!


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