Is STEM Worth it? – Path To A Brighter Future

Path to a Brighter Future through STEM

If you’ve been scouring the internet about education for long enough, you might’ve come across “STEM/STEAM education”. It appears to be an amazing curriculum set to equip students with the modern skills required to tackle the challenges of future jobs. However, you might still be confused about the subject. You may have questions like is STEM worth it (or STEAM)? Will it help your kids get a bright future? If so, you’ve come to the right place as we’re about to address that concern in great detail.

Kid in dressing gown graduating from STEM camp

Kid graduating from STEM Camps


To put it shortly, yes. STEM is designed to build resilience whilst encouraging experimentation and teamwork amongst students, nurturing problem-solving skills simultaneously. Students learn to adapt and work with various tools creatively, ultimately equipping them for future workplaces.

But that may not be enough to convince you just yet. So, first, let’s discuss the general need for STEM and where it leads students. 

Why do we even need STEM/STEAM?

Before we tell you why STEM is important, we want you to ponder upon a few questions. Has it not felt like the world has been advancing quicker than it did a few years ago? Because it most certainly has. With all the crazy new technologies such as Metaverse, Elon Musk’s space expeditions, and Artificial intelligence models capable of predicting our interests on platforms like YouTube and Netflix, we have come a long way. But who is behind all of these? Crazy geniuses or descendants of Einstein perhaps? Quite unlikely. 

No doubt it takes revolutionary geniuses to bring disruptive technologies like Steve Jobs’ iPhone or Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. But it takes a slightly above-average individual to leverage the set playing field and bring innovation. And those individuals are the ones who immersed themselves in the power of STEM. 

STEM education is a path of lifelong learning. The sooner you begin the sooner you will reap the rewards of your hard work. STEM takes part at many stages in life, the most important phase is during childhood, aged 8-12. Kids who get to take part in STEM/STEAM activities are more likely to retain interest and pursue STEM later in life. Asides from that they will also get many other benefits like better cognitive abilities, confidence in their abilities, and more. If you are interested in how kids can benefit from STEM/STEAM, you can find out here: How Important is STEM in Early Childhood Education? – LearnOBots.

In short, STEM education helps prepare the students for the ever-changing industry and tackle the challenges of future jobs. Is STEM worth it? Seems like it so far, right? But let’s continue the discussion. 

Who uses STEM and future careers? 

One great way to define worth is with real-life examples. If STEM is so great, then there must be out there performing amazingly, right? Well, quite indeed. There are many fields to which STEM leads you. Great examples of these professions are web developers, biologists, data scientists, Electrical, Mechanical, or petroleum engineers. Asides from their hefty salaries of 6 figures in countries like the US, they also work on projects which give back to society. These are the same professions that have managed to bring you the very device on which you’re viewing this article. These are also the same professions that allow your vehicles to travel farther with the same amount of gas. And these are the same fields that have made your life easier by providing products like fridges, ACs, internet and much more. 

As for institutions that follow STEM, there are many that you may be familiar with. The well-known universities MIT, Stanford, and Harvard provide STEM degrees. On average most of their alumni work in well-established companies like Google, Amazon, Tesla or create their own companies. They’re capable of adapting and rising above the competition due to the skills they acquired in their pursuit of STEM education. 

Again, we ask, is STEM worth it? Appears to be even more than before, right? 

How to get started with STEM/STEAM?

As someone who is about to enter college/university. There is no one program called “STEM”, it does not quite work like that. You would be required to investigate STEM fields, as mentioned earlier, and choose one of those. 

But if you are a parent looking to prepare your children for the STEM venture, we have just the thing for you!

How LearnOBots can help

LearnOBots is the well-needed saviour that the Education industry needs. It aims to provide hands-on experience and equips students for the future. With their various planned projects, their STEAM camps are a great way to engage students. With their carefully planned activities and curriculum, you won’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty details; they’ll handle it all!

Kids love being a part of the camp and get to work on impressive projects. Some of the successful projects included an IoT project featured on MIT’s app inventor website, a water sensor project featured on Hackaday’s website and a minion tea maker robot.

You can learn more about these projects, the steam camp, and many parents’ testimonials here: STEAM Camp – LearnOBots.


What you may also find useful is their massive variety of DIY kits for kids. Want to feel like a medic? Health kit. Want to work with renewable power? Solar house kit. Want to feel like a spy? Security and wearable kit. With many project options, your kids will never be bored. 

You can learn more about the robotics kits here: DIY STEAM Kits | LearnOBots.


So, is STEM worth it?

With all that being said, we bring our topic question back to the stage. Right now, it may appear to be a choice to indulge in STEM or not. However, many of the current jobs will not exist in the future due to the nature of technological innovation. When that time comes, it will be those who pursued STEM/STEAM that will rise to the top and take lead. Join in while you can and brighten your future. Happy learning!

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