MIT Inventor App Features LearnOBots

LearnOBots’ Students Featured on MIT’s Inventor App Website

Students from the institute for STEAM learning, LearnOBots, were featured on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) App Inventor for their outstanding achievements in their respective fields during World Create Day. These students displayed their Internet of Things Lighting App during the event, designed to control light switches through smartphones automatically. 

LearnOBots Islamabad provides opportunities for primary and secondary pupils in the STEAM field, which is also known as Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. This way, LearnOBots aims to create future careers and foundations for exceptionally talented young students through collaboration with educational institutes.

MIT Inventor App

LearnOBots’ students presenting their inventions to instructors

IoT Lighting on MIT Inventor App 

Two students under the LearnOBots programme, Haziq and Rafay, were credited on the MIT App Inventor for their unique mobile controlled lighting system. The app allows users to turn switches on and off with a simple tap on a mobile screen. The pair invented the IoT lighting application to help people with illnesses feel much more at ease. 

The IoT Lighting App MIT, better known as the Internet of Things, links everyday objects with the internet. This allows people to operate devices and objects through their phones, making them convenient to use. 

As demonstrated by LearnOBots’ IoT experiment, inventors can also incorporate smartphone features into IoT projects. This provides accessibility to cell phone users and ease of creation for new inventors.

What is LearnOBots? 

Based in the National Science and Technology Park (NSTP), LearnOBots is a STEAM institution that aims to deliver technology education to children in a time of fast-paced digital evolution. Their STEAM learning organization provides a wide range of programmes covering everything, from robotics foundations to practical skills. 

Moreover, students work on projects such as line-following robots, obstacle-avoiding robots, designing Internet of Things applications and other ventures. 

LearnOBots NUST devises a well-structured syllabus with practical activities to help students learn better through hands-on experience. The programme requires no previous skills and welcomes students with a passion for learning and creating. 

As a result, numerous aspirational students have previously attended the programme and have invented original creations.

Instead of consumers, the organization plans to introduce more new technology producers. These producers are free to choose their own route and establish a reputation for themselves and their nation. 

Achievements in STEAM 

Aside from the IoT Lighting App published on MIT’s inventor website, a water sensor project was also featured on Hackaday’s website. Primary school students created a water sensor indicator system that measures the height of water in a container, thereby maintaining the vessel’s capacity. 

LearnOBot’s pioneering students invented various outstanding creations. These include a miniature robot designed to make and serve tea, among other successful projects. 

Related Works 

In February 2022, LearnOBots launched the Robotics and Steam Weekend Camp in partnership with the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) for children aged 8 to 14. 

Instructors taught courses and activities related to robotics, coding, game creation, coding, 3D designing and printing, creative digital art, and household innovations to students during the weekend. 

LearnOBots hires dedicated teachers to build STEM knowledge in young students. Students not only need to learn but also increase their skills in the field. Our instructors ensure these students receive the whole experience of learning. 

LearnOBots has taught over 20,000 children and has partnered with over 50 schools around the country. LearnOBots has also delivered online lessons in 11 nations. Not to mention, the organization also keeps in mind the safety of students in the wake of COVID-19 regulations.

MIT Inventor App

Students learning about circuits during a workshop

Contact LearnOBots

Young and impressionable kids require an atmosphere where they can expand beyond their comfort zone and reach their full potential. As a result, LearnOBots Pakistan is a place where they can execute their ideas in a challenging and rewarding environment. 

Future STEAM prodigies and enthusiasts can now sign up for the LearnOSTEAM programme through the LearnOBots website.



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