LearnOBots STEM Camps – Modern Resource for Enhanced Learning

LearnOBots STEM Camps – Where the Learning Begins

Without a doubt, the greatest way to learn something is through practical implementation. LearnOBots understands that all too well and on a regular basis provides students with learning opportunities through LearnOBots STEAM camps. So, if want to get your kids started with an adventurous learning journey, then LearnOBots has got you covered! Let’s dive into how STEAM camps can aid students and the different activities held in LearnOBots STEAM camps! 

Boy coding a robot

LearnOBots Student showcasing a robot made in the STEAM Workshop

What is a STEM camp?

In short, STEM camps guide students through subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. However, the additional twist is getting to work on various projects and implement what they have actually learned. With such an experiential approach to learning, students get to hone their craft and equip themselves with 21st-century skills. Doesn’t that sound amazing? 

Furthermore, working alongside various other students promotes teamwork and team-building skills. They are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and try out things that would not have been offered up in a regular classroom. Getting the chance to interact with many students also polishes the socializing abilities of students, certainly a vital skill to have.

Why do we need STEM camps? 

The main reason for STEM/STEAM camps is due to the need of promoting STEM education and preparing students for the future. Due to technological advancements, the nature of jobs is evolving. To keep up with this change, STEM education provides the solid foundation needed to shift into any field. Whether it be robotics, electronics, programming, or 3D modelling, students are trained to face any challenge. STEM empowers the younger generation to be confident in their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. 

More importantly, these camps develop and retain the interest of students in STEM subjects. This is especially important considering most students aged 12 – 13 lose interest in the field of science and end up pursuing other paths. In fact, research done by IET “found that children’s love for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) is on the decline, with interest in Science amongst 9 to 12-year-olds falling 10%, Design and Technology down 12% and ICT / Computing falling furthest at 14% over the last four years.” 

LearnOBots STEM Camps

Now that we’ve discussed what STEM camps are and why we need them, let’s dive into what LearnOBots has to offer. LearnOBots has their regular summer and winter camps for students to commit themselves to a few weeks of fun learning. 

One thing to note is, LearnOBots offers “STEAM” camps as opposed to “STEM” camps. The difference is the inclusion of arts into the mix. STEAM is a fairly modern system that holds the belief that arts are the missing piece to STEM education. With arts, students gain a creative mindset to help them think outside the box and improve their overall approach to problem-solving. To learn more about how arts help in learning, click here

Back onto the subject of LearnOBots STEM camps, these camps can be virtual or physical. For example, they tend to have physical workshops but also offer virtual learning through their platform LearnOSTEAM. 

Their virtual camps are held once every week for 1.5 hours. With a 7:1 teacher to student ratio, every student gets adequate attention. Certified STEAM mentors guide the students through the various technicalities of STEAM as they conduct their classes on Google meets. These camps are perfect for students aged 8 – 14 to embark on an insightful journey. 

What do the LearnOBots STEM camps offer? 

Asides from valuable experience which will shape the future of kids’ careers, the camp offers a lot of things. With over 15+ modules to choose from, every nook and cranny of STEM gets covered, and your kids will never feel bored. These modules and classes are carefully designed to not overwork kids but also not waste any of their time. With skills that even some college-level students do not possess, they will get a head start in their careers and surely impress their employers! 

Covered Modules

3D and Game development: Kids get the chance to learn the basics of computer graphics and components of video games, eventually creating their own game. Each game tends to require 3D assets which is exactly why they’ll go through the process of learning 3D modelling. The end of this module has a surprise for them as they get the chance to 3D print their models and get physical proof of their newly earned skills. 

Robotics and programming: In this 2-month module, students are taken from the very basics of programming to working with modern technologies like Python. In terms of robotics, they work with various DIY kits and make robots like line-following robots, obstacle-avoiding robots, and much more.

The mentioned modules are part of only level 1 of their STEAM camps. They have a lot more to offer with going up to level 4, with progressively harder and more exciting activities. From creating chatbots to creating fully functional websites, the growth potential is endless. Many of the tools they get to work with are such that university students and even the industry utilizes them!

Kids love being a part of the camp and continue to impress the instructors with their amazing ideas. Some of the successful projects included an IoT project featured on MIT’s app inventor website, a water sensor project featured on Hackaday’s website and a minion tea maker robot.

You can learn more about these projects, the steam camp, and many parents’ testimonials here: STEAM Camp – LearnOBots.

The most recent LearnOBots STEM Camp/Session 

This weekend, LearnOBots held a session where students underwent various fun activities. They made a firefighting robot using flame sensors, learned about Morse code, and displayed it using a robotics kit. I don’t know about you but that sounds as complicated as a university students’ semester project. Furthermore, they got to explore their artistic sides as they got to 3D model a snowman! 

With all that said, STEAM/STEM camps are definitely a modern education resource worth utilizing. LearnOBots is working tirelessly to make it accessible for the masses. Happy learning! 

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