LearnOBots Takes Off in LEAP Rocket Fuel Startup Competition 2022

LearnOBots Bags Top 14 in LEAP Riyadh’22

Technology is everywhere. From smartphones to computers and even smart homes, it has become a vital part of our daily lives. It is hard to imagine a time without the technology we have now. However, 30 years ago, people hardly worked with computers; 10 years ago, the concept of Uber or food delivery apps was absurd! And now we’re getting 5G? The growth rate is quite insane. To keep up with all these technological advancements, LEAP held a global tech event recently, and LearnOBots took part. Let’s explore how LearnOBots managed to take off in LEAP Rocket Fuel Startup Competition 2022.

LEAP poster

LEAP Rocket Fuel Startup Competition – Source: onegiantleap.com

What is LEAP’22?

LEAP is a global tech event held in Riyadh Front Expo Centre, Saudi Arabia. It aims to discover novel technologies, connect start-ups to potential investors, and have sessions with speakers who are experts in their technical fields. But ultimately, it held a start-up pitch competition, awarding the worthy start-ups USD 100-250k.

This year, LEAP 2022 was held between 1st – 3rd February. In this exciting 3-day event, there were 400+ expert speakers. These speakers were representatives of many renowned companies such as Nokia, Uber, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and much more. Their talks covered a wide range of topics such as AI, Blockchain, Smart Cities, Energy, Art in tech, NFTs, and improving health and education with technology.

Many investors were present at the event, looking for the next revolutionary tech and helping them become big. These investors included: the founders of Oatly, Skype, and many more remarkable entrepreneurs.

The event’s highlight was the “Rocket Fuel Start-up Pitch Competition.” 100+ start-ups, chosen after a screening test, got the chance to give a 6-minute pitch in front of the judges and compete for one of the four following categories:

Categories in LEAP Competition

Award categories as given on LEAP’s website


The competition was an excellent opportunity for these start-ups to showcase their solutions to regional and international powerhouse investors to secure recognition and all-important funding. The judges included many familiar faces, such as Steven Bartlett, the youngest dragon on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, Michel Salgado, famous Real Madrid footballer, James Caan, another dragon, and a bunch more.

Many notable start-ups took part in this competition. Some of the prominent competitors include:

Avatour: their idea of combining full-motion 360 with real-time communication could revolutionize the way digital meetings are held.
Jaleesa LLC: Their platform connects parents with trained & certified babysitters; anytime in Saudi Arabia.
Konn technologies: Their construction technology company provides advanced, tech-enabled solutions for constructing sustainable and affordable homes.
Omniful: a SaaS for brick-and-mortar retailers to prepare and ship online orders directly from the store.
PASQAL: is developing a full-stack quantum computer that will help to simulate complex phenomena for scientific discovery.

How did LearnOBots take off in LEAP Rocket Fuel Startup Competition?

LearnOBots aims to prepare the younger generation for the future by providing STEM/STEAM Education. Their philosophy entails providing children with hands-on, project-based learning to develop deep interest and understanding in STEM subjects. They have already taught hundreds of children and have even been featured on the MIT App inventor website.

LearnOBots remain successful in their mission by providing students with carefully planned fun activities. They also offer DIY Kits, which help kids dive into robotics, coding, and many other skills. Furthermore, their “makerspace” service allows schools to transform their labs into the perfect skill-gaining playground for their students.

What helped LearnOBots take off in LEAP was their digital learning platform: LearnOSTEAM. LearnOSTEAM is a unique solution to keeping kids engaged in STEAM education and completely automating the process. With immersive simulators and experiential activities, kids improve their cognitive skills through gamification.

Their extensively designed, trainer-independent STEAM curriculum makes sure to teach 21st-century skills to keep up with the ever-changing times. LearnOSTEAM has over 15+ domains covered, teaching robotics, electronics, 3D modeling, programming, mathematics, artificial intelligence, and much more. Not only does it provide the learning platform, but it also provides features to let one manage and view the students’ progress through LearnOSTEAM Dashboard.

With this revolutionary method of engaging and teaching students, LearnOSTEAM caught the judges’ attention, and LearnOBots qualified for the finals. There were 14 other participants in the finals, out of which LearnOBots was nominated for the “Technology for humanity award.”

Although LearnOBots got outdone by other start-ups, it made pretty far out of the total 1000+ start-ups from the screening, 100+ pitches, and eventually getting nominated for an award. Their achievement shows they are on the right path and could genuinely help prepare kids for the future of work.

Find out more about LearnOBots at: About Us | LearnOBots

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