LearnOBots Robotics and AI Summer Camp

LearnOBots’ Exciting Robotics and AI Summer Camp

The best way to learn anything is to put it into practice without question. LearnOBots’ is fully aware of this and regularly provides children with learning opportunities through camps. So, if you want to start your kids on an exciting learning path, we have you covered! Let’s look at how LearnOBots Robotics and AI Summer Camp might benefit kids. 

Robotics and AI Summer Camp Purpose

STEM camps help kids learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Additionally, so does working on various projects and putting what they’ve learnt into practice. As a result, students may perfect their skills through an interactive approach to learning.

Working with a variety of other pupils also fosters collaboration and team-building abilities.  LearnOBots’ encourages students to develop their communications skills this way.

Robotics and AI Camp

LearnOBots Student coding a robot.

What are the benefits of Robotics and AI camps?

The main purpose of Robotics and AI camps is to improve STEM education for children in the future. As a result, STEM education gives the solid basics needed to enter any field and keep up with technology. Students will be able to confront any obstacle. Whether it is in robotics, electronics, programming, or 3D modelling, young people will be encouraged to be confident in their problem-solving skills.

Moreover, STEM courses attempt to pique the interest of young students to participate in production more. This is important given that most kids between 12 and 13 lose interest in science and pursue other interests. 

LearnOBots’ Robotics and AI Camps

LearnOBots’ runs regular summer programmes for children who want to commit to a few weeks of learning and enjoyment.

These camps will take place in June and July. There will be three camps, each lasting two and a half weeks and packed with exciting activities and experimental fun!

Students will be guided through the different topics of STEAM by certified robotics and AI mentors for 2 hours a day. These programmes are ideal for children ages 8 to 14 who want to go on an educational adventure.

 What do the LearnOBots’ camps offer? 

Aside from providing a deep experience that will affect children’s future careers, the camp offers a variety of activities. The camp will aim to explain the essentials of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence over ten sessions. The organization carefully develops these courses not to overwork children while also ensuring that they do not waste their time. 


Introduction to Robotics

This course aims to teach students the fundamentals of robot modelling, design, planning, and control. Furthermore, the information covered in this course is essentially a quick overview of key conclusions from mathematics, geometry, statistics, and control.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a sort of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows software programmes to improve their prediction accuracy without being expressly designed to do so. This way, pupils will better understand how to build algorithms and programme apps.

The Robotics and AI Summer Camps will include many more activities. As the days pass, the students will perform increasingly difficult and fascinating activities. From learning how to make a Codi robot and creating a Mars Rover, the possibilities for growth are endless. Many of the tools they will be working with will benefit their learning skills.

Students that have attended this camp previously amazed the instructors with their brilliant ideas. An IoT project published on MIT’s app inventor website, a water sensor project featured on Hackaday’s website, and a minion tea making robot was among the successful ideas.

You can learn more about these projects, the steam camp, and many parents’ testimonials here: STEAM Camp – LearnOBots.

Robotics and AI Camp

Students presented their brilliant inventions to LearnOBots’ instructors.

The Upcoming LearnOBots Robotics and AI Summer Camp

This summer, LearnOBots will hold three sessions where students will attempt various fun activities related to Robotics and AI. Trained instructors will be guiding them along the weeks of adventurous fun for 2 hours a day. As stated before, the first session of the camp will take place from 1st to 16th June at the NSTP Building at the National University of Sciences and Technology, H-12 Campus. The following two sessions will take place on 20th June and 16th July, respectively. 

For more information LearnOBots’ Robotics and AI Summer Camp, visit the LearnOBots’ website or email camps@learnobots.com



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