Robotics Kits for Kids – Step into the Shoes of a Robotics Engineer

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Are you wondering if robotics is a good field for your children? Are you struggling to find the right robotics kits for kids? If so, we have the answers for you!

Robotics kits for kids

Kids playing with a robotics kit

Did you know that: the robotics industry employs about 150,000 people in engineering and assembly? In 2020 North American businesses ordered 31,044 robotics. 88% of companies worldwide plan to adopt robotic automation into their infrastructure. Lastly, global spending on military robotics will be $16.5 billion in 2025.

With figures like these and massive tech companies like Boston Dynamics and Elon Musk advancing the field of robotics, there hasn’t been a better time to prepare for the industry. So, before your kids end up building a robot to replace all our jobs, let us fulfill our job by guiding you on how to get your kids into robotics. Not only that, but we will also provide robotics kits for kids to get them started!

Is robotics important for kids?

In short, yes. Robotics helps kids develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. With hands-on learning, they gain a deep interest in the subject, inclining them to pursue STEM education later and be part of a flourishing industry.

Let’s continue to take a deeper look into why kids need to learn robotics.

Programming skills

Many robotics projects and hardware, like Arduino, require at least basic C programming. In the current era, everyone needs to have partial programming knowledge. If your kids decide to switch fields, they will have the relevant foundation required to change into software engineering.

Logical thinking

Working with robotics requires one to think logically. A robot does what a robot is designed to do. That is why creating the logic of a robot is an important step. When you work on logic making, you must break each step down into details, formulate a plan, implement solutions, and evaluate outcomes. Working on such traits allows one to approach their other tasks and decisions with the same methodology. It will eventually lead them to become better problem solvers.

A more profound interest in STEM

For some reason, most kids tend to love robotics naturally. Whether it is due to superheroes like iron-man or video games, they’re fond of robots. Not only that, but it is human psychology to be attached and like something that you make yourself. A renowned furniture company, IKEA, tends to use this tactic to boost its sales. By making its customers build the furniture themselves rather than providing already made furniture, they become recurring customers. 

Combining both points, we can see why kids love building robots. Although it might be a fun activity for them, they deepen their love for the subject. This solves the constant problem of kids 8-13 losing interest in science due to all the theoretical studies, which ultimately makes them give up on the STEM path. Working on robots gives them great insight into what they can accomplish with STEM education later. This makes them more likely to pursue it. 

How to get your kids into robotics?

Now there are many ways to get your kids started with robotics. You can buy books, research different electronic components, try various things, and eventually get overwhelmed. Or you can take the smart approach and let LearnOBots help you out.

Let LearnOBots help

LearnOBots aims to prepare kids for the ever-changing work industry by providing children with STEAM education. Their STEAM camp includes many modules which teach the basics of robotics up to practical skills. Students work on many projects like line-following robots, obstacle-avoiding robots, and much more. With their carefully planned activities and curriculum, you won’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty details; they’ll handle it all!

Many students have already taken the camp and have produced unique projects. Some of the successful projects included an IoT project featured on MIT’s app inventor website, a water sensor project featured on Hackaday’s website, and a minion tea maker robot.

You can learn more about these projects, the steam camp, and many parents’ testimonials here: STEAM Camp – LearnOBots.

Robotics kits for kids

Another challenge that you may face is getting the components needed for the robotics projects. Well, don’t you worry because LearnOBots has you covered once again!

There are many different approaches to hardware for robotics. You can work with Arduino, an easy-to-use microcontroller to program your hardware, IoT kits, which help you automate your daily tasks like turning on a light bulb, or CodiBot, an educational robot.

LearnOBots provides not only provides these basic kits but for more specific projects as well. Want to feel like a medic? Health kit. Want to work with renewable power? Solar house kit. Want to feel like a spy? Security and wearable kit. With many project options, your kids will never be bored. 

You can learn more about the robotics kits here: DIY STEAM Kits | LearnOBots.

There couldn’t be a better way to get kids into robotics with all the available resources. Even if they don’t pursue it as a career, simply indulging in robotics can benefit them in their careers. Happy learning!

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