Teach Coding and Robotics to Your Kids

Robotics and Kids for your kids

Do you want your kids to teach coding and robotics to your kids? Do you want them to adapt to the ever-changing times and stay ahead of the race? Don’t know where to begin? Leave it to us!

kid coding robot

LearnOBots’ student showcasing his programmed robot

Keeping up with the change

It’s no secret that the world is changing and we’re on the brink of a fascinating technological revolution. With big tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg working on the Metaverse, Elon Musk striving towards inter-planetary travel, and Web3 being right around the corner, the jobs in the future are bound to change. You might be wondering how you can prepare your kids for all these drastic changes? Well, we have the answer for you.

Diving into robotics and coding at an early age is a great way to expose your children to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) based learning. This methodology not only creates adequate problem solvers but also nurtures the creative mindset needed to face the novel unseen problems of the future.

No longer do you need to be a tech-savvy geek to understand lines of code or complex circuitry to build a robot. It has been brought down to an elementary level! With carefully planned fun activities, it will feel like an astonishing adventure; or better yet, an ed-venture. So do you want to teach coding and robotics to your kids? Don’t know how your kids should get started on this adventure, especially in Pakistan where STEAM is not mainstream yet? Again, leave it to us!

Introducing LearnOBots!

LearnOBots’ objective is to promote STEAM learning in the younger generations to help carve a brighter future for them. Parents and instructors get filled with joy upon seeing the students actively improve their skillset. Whereas the kids feel accomplished over completing each exciting challenge. Certified STEAM trainers get the honor of training hundreds of young adults to become young scientists. They guide them through programming a robot to navigate through a maze, wiring up a circuit for a solar house, or making a software application.

Parents have been able to witness their precious children get hands-on experience with circuitry and coding. In return they gett a huge boost of confidence in their capabilities. Being able to finally make sense of the alien code syntax or getting that electronic component to work gives them a new perspective of what they can become in the future. There is just an exhilarating thrill of finally getting that lightbulb in your brain to blink upon solving a problem. That is exactly what the planned curriculum provides constantly; numerous challenges and plenty of opportunities to grow. And that is exactly why students never get bored and love coming back for more.

Watching their children rise through the ranks of technology is the dream of every parent and LearnOBots knows exactly how to provide this. A lot of primary school students have been attending LearnOBots workshops for years. Therefore, they are now effectively more skilled than a university student.

Get Started

If you are a parent looking for robotics or any other engaging winter camp for that matter, LearnOBots has got you covered. With over 15+ domains to choose from, your kids are bound to find out what they want to become when they grow up. LearnOBots does not just offer technology workshops, LearnOBots offers an insight into what the kids’ future might look like.

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  • This is a great initiative. I hope I could participate. There were no initiatives of this sort when I was younger. Good luck to your endeavor


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