LearnOBots Enabling Schools – MFF Onboards STEAM

LearnOBots’ Partnership with Mehnaz Fatima Foundation, Gilgit

LearnOBots is enabling schools across Pakistan to onboard STEAM education. A recent example is the Mehnaz Fatima Foundation in Gilgit. LearnOBots partnered with Mehnaz Fatima Foundation to enable the LearnOSteam programme. They did so with the help of the STEAM education platform known as LearnOSteam. As part of its mission, LearnOBots partnered with MFF to train its teachers in Gilgit. This training included different modules of STEAM education. Various courses were focused on the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. This was in an attempt to improve the quality of learning. Here is how MFF and LearnOBots’ partnership brought STEAM education to Gilgit.

MFF Teacher Training

Deployment of LearnOSteam at Mehnaz Fatima Foundation

What is LearnOBots’?

LearnOBots is an organization that has been working with creative educators and parents in Pakistan’s classrooms since 2014. This was to instil the idea and culture of STEAM learning. The goal is to create tomorrow’s thinkers, inventors, and makers. STEAM is a broad term that covers a variety of disciplines. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

This gives kids the chance to gain interest in careers within STEAM. For example, topics included in the programme cover computer programming, robotics engineering, coding and electronics. These are all valuable as kids grow and enter the job market.

Courses are taught through LearnOSteam. LearnOSTEAM is a platform for teaching STEAM modules to young kids. It contains a broad focus on science and technology basics, with activities ranging far beyond robots and coding.

Each session has animated video material, gamified hands-on exercises, and challenges that cover all areas of STEAM in a fun way.

Mehnaz Fatima Foundation and LearnOBots’ Enabling STEAM Education

Mehnaz Fatima Foundation is an educational institute in Jutial, Gilgit. The school was created 22 years ago. Its core value is to instil modern ideas in kids through education. They teach grades Montessori and higher. MFF also teaches challenged students. As a resultreading and writing in Gilgit are improving fast. In a recent article, Gilgit’s reading and writing rate was 72%. This is one of the highest rates in Pakistan. Schools such as MFF add to these rates.

MFF Teacher Training

Teachers of MFF in training by our expert LearnOBots team


Additionally, Mehnaz Fatima Foundation (MFF) allows its students to develop focused leadership skills. They do so by involving them in several projects such as the library committee, event committee, and assembly committee, with teachers serving as facilitators. This allows students to learn from their teachers while also improving their communication skills. Similarly, LearnOBots has the same values.

As a result, LearnOBots provides STEAM learning to such schools. They do so by giving teachers training on the STEAM website, www.LearnOSteam.com. What’s more, they help schools with their courses by matching them with STEAM subjects.

STEAM Education with LearnOBots

The STEAM programme provides many courses. These courses include many experiments. For example, students work on things like making robots, mobile computer programs, and other projects.

Many kids have joined LearnOBots’ before. What’s more, original projects were created by these students. For example, students made an IoT project which was on MIT’s app inventor website. Hackaday’s website also posted a project made by LearnOBots students. Our students continue to do many great projects.

MFF Partnership with LearnOBots Training in Gilgit

As part of the introduction to STEAM education, the LearnOBots team taught the MFF teachers. The group of experienced instructors from LearnOBots went to Gilgit. This group helped teachers from MFF learn the basics of the system. The team introduced the LearnOSteam system. This included mathematics, science, and technology subjects. Eight teachers in total were trained on the system. Each of them earned a STEM certification. The team also trained a computer teacher to manage servers. This is to make sure that the system is always accessible.

LearnOBots’ Enabling Schools Across Pakistan

As always, LearnOBots tries enabling many schools to provide STEAM learning for children. They have been working hard to start up STEM education in Gilgit. This was an effort to improve the young minds of MFF. Also, summer camps are available through LearnOBots. These camps offer many activities for kids. The camps include modules like robot making, programming and artificial intelligence learning. What’s more, these courses and activities help the practical skills of kids.

LearnOBots’ hosts these camps in both the summer and winter. These camps take place for 2 weeks, with multiple courses to keep kids entertained. The upcoming summer camp will take place in June in July where kids will learn all about Robotics and AI.

Many kids have attended the programme before. During this time, they made many original projects. MIT’s app inventor website showed a lighting project by our talented students. What’s more, Hackaday’s website posted a water sensor project. This was also made by another student.


MFF Student Training

Students of Mehnaz Fatima Foundation under training by the LearnOBots team


For more on these projects, visit LearnOBots. Additionally, information about steam camps is also available.

At the end of the day, LearnOBots tries to partner with many schools for STEAM education. They also have a team that trains instructors. This is to make sure that STEAM education is being taught in Pakistan. Even for kids who live in smaller towns.

Visit LearnOSteam to find out more about STEAM education if you are interested.

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