Is STEM Worth it? – Path To A Brighter Future

Path to a brighter future with STEM
Path to a Brighter Future through STEM If you’ve been scouring the internet about education for long enough, you might’ve come across “STEM/STEAM education”. It appears to be an amazing…

Encourage STEM & STEAM Learning Among Kids

LearnOBots student working
Promote STEM/STEAM amongst children Are you in pursuit of the perfect curriculum to help prepare your kids’ career? Are you wondering if you really need to indulge your children in…

How Can Technology Support Personalized Learning?

STEM Education Myths
Personalized learning customizes learning to each learner’s strengths, requirements, and interests. It boosts learner engagement and performance.   That is where digitalization steps in.  The evolution of advanced digital technologies has…

Teach Coding and Robotics to Your Kids

Robotics and AI Camp
Robotics and Kids for your kids Do you want your kids to teach coding and robotics to your kids? Do you want them to adapt to the ever-changing times and…

15 STEM Education Myths and How to Crush Them?

STEM Education Myths
What are STEM Education Myths? STEM education myths are myths that are often heard about STEM education. These myths are often told as being the truth about STEM education, but…